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Brock Property Management - Services

Services Provided

The staff at Brock Property Management, Inc. takes the time to provide high quality, competent service to all of their clients - no matter the Association’s size. Contracts can be structured to each Association’s needs, from full service management to financial services for self-managed Associations. Full service management includes all aspects of Administrative Management, Financial Management and Property Management. Financial reports and Management Reports are provided to each board member on a monthly basis, regardless of whether your Association has monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual meetings. We can work with your existing sub-contractors, ie; lawn service provider, pool maintenance company, landscaper, sprinkler repair contractor, etc., or we can provide you with competitive bids from local vendors. Having provided management services in the area for over 25 years, we are familiar with a variety of contractors in all areas and trades. We can obtain services at all price ranges to fit your budget. 



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